Year Milestone
2020 Publicly listed in Taiwan (6782)
ROK MFDS (Silicone Hydrogels)
2019 Silicone Hydrogel lenses approved for shipment to Japan
Market Acquisition of From-eyes Co., Ltd.
2018 Obtained MDSAP Certificate
Japan PMDA Approval for silicone hydrogel materials
2017 Obtained USA FDA Clearance (Silicone Hydrogel Color Lenses)
2016 Obtained China NMPA Approval (Silicone Hydrogel Color Lenses)
2015 Obtained USA FDA Clearance (Silicone Hydrogel Lenses)
First Silicone Hydrogel Blue-blocking lenses are shipped (World’s First)
Silicone Hydrogel introduced to market
2014 Obtained China NMPA Approval for Silicone Hydrogels and Hydrogel lenses
First hydrogel lens shipments to Japan
2013 Shipped world’s first cosmetic ( Color) contact lenses
2012 Confirmed USA QSR compliance (approval)
Obtained Australia Approval (TGA) for silicone hydrogel lenses
2011 Obtained EU CE Mark (approval) for silicone hydrogel lenses
Initiated shipments of silicone hydrogels
Obtained Japan Overseas Manufacturing Plant Certification (FMA)
2010 Launched Manufacturing in new Malaysia Facility
2009 Launched research and development of silicone hydrogel materials
1998 Visco Vision founded