Since being established in 1998, Visco Vision has focused on the cultivation of its own proprietary technologies and high-quality manufacturing services. As such, it has become one of the world's leading manufacturers of silicone hydrogel contact lenses; resulting in the most complete silicone hydrogel product line in the market today. Combined with regulatory licenses and approvals within the major markets around the world, a deep technical capability, and second-to-none manufacturing services, Visco Vision is able to fully earn the trust of any customer. It has become Asia’s top manufacturer of silicone hydrogel contact lenses. At the same time, it is advancing the industry through technical innovation; thus becoming the first manufacturer in the world to launch silicone hydrogel color-polished (cosmetic) contact lenses.

Some of the major mile stones in Visco’s global business are:

2011: First shipment of Silicone Hydrogel Silicone Hydrogel lenses to European market
2012: First sales of Silicone Hydrogel lenses within the Taiwanese market
2013: First shipment of Silicone Hydrogel color (cosmetic) lenses
2015: First shipment of Silicone Hydrogel lenses to China
2016: First shipment of Silicone Hydrogel lenses to USA
2019: First shipment of Silicone Hydrogel lenses to Japanese market

In all major markets, Visco Vision works with leading distributors and independent companies to establish its reputation.

Visco’s new generation of silicone hydrogel products all have high oxygen permeability. Employing proprietary technology, all of Visco’s silicone hydrogels have superior softness. Compared with traditional silicone hydrogel lenses, this new generation of silicone hydrogel products can provide better comfort and longer wear.

Manufacturing facility is located in Penang, Malaysia, close to airport and seaport. ASEAN demographic dividend and growth economies sustain capacity expansion and long term business. Except excellent location, Visco has adopt modulized automation production line to ensure product quality and production efficiency.

Contact lenses are regulated medical products. All countries have strict requirements for the manufacturer's quality systems and product certification. As such, Visco has obtained ISO 13485 certification, Japanese FMR certification, MDSAP certificates, and conforms to the US-FDA QSR quality system specification and requirements. MDSAP requirements impact the quality systems of five countries; namely the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Brazil. Visco Vision is proud to announce it is the first company in Taiwan to pass this MDSAP certification. In addition to this mandated quality system, product licenses are also needed to market in major areas of the world. Visco has obtained product licenses for the major markets of Europe, the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Japan, China, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand. Visco is also actively pursuing other market licenses.

Visco is publicly listed in Taiwan in 2020. Good conscience, good product, good yield rate are the corporate requirements that Visco follows. Visco pays high attention to the implement of corporate governance, law compliance and ESG. Visco emphasizes employee rights, refuses to hire child labor, opposes various forms of corruption, abides by local environmental regulations, and fulfills the “three good” corporate responsibilities. Visco will continue to uphold the vision of “Reproduce the truth, goodness, and beauty of the vision” and the spirit of “Profession, Fashion, Unlimited” to provide customers with the greatest value and the best services.