Only The Best

Proprietary materials, R&D & fully automated state of the art production facilities.


Materials Innovation

Within a short span of 2 years, thanks to a strong material science background, Visco successfully developed the new innovative Silicone Hydrogel materials. These innovative materials do not require the use of toxic solvents during manufacturing process.

High Oxygen Transmittance

Visco silicone hydrogel lens provides high Dk/t value, from Dk/t 120 to Dk/t 220. The worldwide leading High Dk/t delivers affluent oxygen permeability to eyes even by the end of day.

Comfort and Endurance

Visco innovative technologies provide low modulus and keeps the high oxygen transmission. Low modulus is one of the factors to make the lens comfortable. Visco proprietary materials have high tensile and elongation value, which make the lens less vulnerable.


Fully Automatic Production Line

Our automation lines ensure the quality of each product remains consistent, significantly reducing any defects due to human errors.

Auto Optical Inspection

Advanced auto optical inspection ensures the best quality, consistency and high production efficiency in the production chain.

Lean Manufacturing

Fully embracing the concept of lean manufacturing means Visco is able to increase output capacity at a much faster rate.